Patching Up

In January 2019 I participated in Mekdes Shebeta's collaborative art project Patching-UP in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Patching-UP included field-research, workshops, studio visits and a contemporary art exhibition. 

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Finding Mekdes

"Finding Mekdes" is the story of my seismographic drawings.

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Madam Taxi Rides Again!

Next stop Svalbard, Norway!

About Me



I'm revising my first novel, POWER PLANTS, an adventure story that deals with humanity’s impact on the planet and beginning the research for THE SEED VAULT a quest narrative that will take IOWA from Somalia to Svalbard. 

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A fundraiser to support my protagonist's trip to Somaliland and Svalbard. I will link her Kickstarter or Go-Fund-Me information here. 




Hoʻoponopono Prayer

I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you...

I love this version!



This photo, a serious attempt at re-enactment, cracks me up.

"The struggle of maturity is to recover the seriousness of the child at play.”


My MFA is in painting and drawing from the University of TN. I also have a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology / African Studies from Rhode Island College. 

Shortly after I took a break from painting, to find out what people-who-don’t-paint do, I fell for writing. 

MadamTaxi Rides Again!

Excited to be participating in Patching Up a collaborative arts project in Ethiopia that somehow manages to bridge my far flung interests in art, travel, anthropology, and fiction writing.




POSTCARDS FROM THE ARCTIC  -  a fundraiser to support Michelle Dussault's protagonist's trip to Somaliland and Svalbard. Michelle will accompany her protagonist, IOWA STARR, aboard a tall ship in September 2019. She will be traveling to Norway where they will board a research vessel for an excursion to the High Arctic. Her mission is to to retrieve the last Gogo drift seed from the Svalbard Seed Vault, which if all goes well (does it ever?) will save the planet from ocean acidification.

Iowa needs to raise $2000 dollars by March 15 for a down payment for her Arctic Circle residency.

"The Arctic Circle brings together international artists of all disciplines, scientists, architects, and educators who collectively explore the high-Arctic Svalbard Archipelago and Arctic Ocean aboard a specially outfitted Barquentine sailing vessel."

In gratitude for your generous donation of ... 

$30.00 - receive a postcard from IOWA with a factoid from a field scientist on the back.

$75.00 - receive climate related audio content from the research ship during its sail to the High Arctic.

$150.00 - receive a snail mail or email pen-pal letter (your choice) from IOWA during her journey to the Svalbard Seed Vault.

$200.00 - receive one of IOWA's daily glacier drawings with a factoid from a field scientist on the back.

$200.00 - receive one of IOWA's camel drawings with a factoid from a field scientist on the back.

$300.00 - receive a hand-drawn postcard from the Barquentine tall ship sailing the High Arctic, with a factoid from a scientist on the back.

$300.00 - receive one of IOWA's hand made felted Arctic birds, like the climate endangered Bufflehead (Bucephala albeola).

$500.00 - receive one postcard, one audio file, one pen-pal letter, and one drawing.

$750.00 - receive an accordion book train-drawing from the Bergen-Oslo line.

$2000.00 - gets you a new painting on canvas from Madam Taxi (for color junkies only)!

Best wishes, big sails, and happy trails,
Madam Taxi aka Michelle Dussault



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